SS Mann with Germania Personnel Collar Tab
Studio Portrait of SS Mann of Germania Personnel
In 1934, with the rise of the SS-Verfugungstruppe (SS-VT), the SS runes unit insignia was expanded to these other formatations of the then fledgling military arm of the SS. To separate these new military formations from the main Leibstandarte regiment under Dietrich, the SS runes worn by the Verfugungstruppe displayed a small number corresponding to the particular SS-VT regiment of the bearer. In all, there were three possible numbers: Runic "SS"1 for members of the Deutschland Regiment, Runic "SS"2 for Germania personnel, and (from 1938) Runic "SS"3 for members of the Der Fuhrer Regiment. These insignia would survive throughout the war and were kept in use after the three original regiments had expanded to brigade and division strength.